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Auto Accident Car Camera Kits
- Standard Equipment for Every Vehicle on the Road

Fleet Camera Kit is the leading manufacturer and distributor of auto accident camera kits in the US. These accident scene camera kits provide significant savings to insurance companies, speeds up claim adjustment and helps protect drivers that are involved in auto accidents against liablity.

Additionally, Fleet Camera Kit provides a branding and promotional opportunity for insurance agencies, auto manufacturers, dealerships, fleet companies, online auto retailers, and aftermarket retailers to get in every vehicle on the road. The facts around the value of having a camera in the event of an auto accident for accident scene documentation are undisputed.

Fleet Camera Kit provides a convenient all-inclusive kit that is easily stored in an auto glove box and includes step-by-step instructions for drivers in the event of an accident to get all the necessary documentation needed.

For more information and volume pricing for your insurance customers, fleet vehicles, new cars, and after market retail outlets on Fleet Camera Kit branded car camera kits, Click Here.

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